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A lesson on how to build a Bible lesson/ Seminar in Kharkiv

{mosimage}The preparation includes prayer, careful Bible study with the aim of identifying of the Bible truth. The lesson program includes the teaching, in which one needs to carry the Bible truth clearly, and also crafts, singing, games. Further development of our children depends on how we build our lesson, whether we will be able to carry the Bible truth. Children is a great God’s gift and His heritage, it is the future of our churches. And the more love, patience, fullness of God’s truth we put into our children, the more good fruits we see in their lives.

The meeting took place in the building of Yasnopolyanka ECB church of Kharkiv. The seminar was blessed by church pastor L. Oryabinsky. Also, he blessed the meeting spiritually and materially.

Church pastor of Yakovlivka village Nikolai Chornyj, who takes care of the training and spiritual development of the teachers in his church, showed great interest in the meeting. When there were no training children’s ministers in his church, he would come to seminars by himself and go into the heart of the children’s ministry matter.

The seminar showed great need in such classes. All participants decided to invite Nadia Kupriyonok for further instruction.

Katerina Borova,

Children’s ministry coordinator in Kharkiv region

Photo by author

Published on 03.23.2009
Translated by Anna Sedova


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