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Missionaries Zhenya and Ira Konstantiniks: "We invite you on a trip!"

Zhenya: “When I had had enough of sin, I started to hear God’s knock at my heart. A moment came when I repented of my sins also entirely devoted my life to God. After that it radically changed. God released me from bad habits. He filled my heart with joy, peace, and rest. I understood that a real life is the one with God.”

Irа: “At last Jesus ceased to be someone a conjurer granting my desire or a hero of a fairy tale, like Robin Hood. He became my Savior and Friend! Once He had given me life, and now He became my life! I had had emptiness in my heart, and only now it was really filled!”

The Calling

We began trying different ministries to understand our actual calling from God. Zhenya began to preach, be engaged with youth, orphans, took part in trips to villages. I sang in the choir, conducted a Bible study group, served in a phone hotline in mission Emmanuel.

And gradually God opened our calling to us, for what He had sent the Angel of life to our parents …

 “Missionary” – something throbbed in Zhenya’s heart one day.

“Missionary” – Ira’s heart responded to God’s call.

{mosimage}And we both entered Kiev Christian University to the mission faculty. There we met… We could write volumes on the fantastic time we were spending together, joint prayers, romanticism, sun-sets, white roses … But I’d better not. Let me simply say that now we became one and as we reflecting, we cannot recollect the borders of our "me"s, so much they have intertwined.

First experience: Russia

Two weeks after our wedding, we left for Russia, to the Khlevnoe village of Lipetsk area.

{mosimage}There were 5 believers there. But they presented a pitiful sight: aimless, without a leader, they suffered in routine of insults, gossips and disagreements. They were untaught, without spiritual progress. They were made “repent”, but no one taught them what to do next…

How hard it was! With God’s help, little by little, the church life began to awaken. Small groups were organized, altogether 4 – two in Khlevne and 1 in nearby villages. One of the villages required a 4 km walk from the track, when it was -25 C, which we, the thermophilic Kiev residents, felt very much unusual :) But it was all worth it! It was great to see how the hearts of people change. They even looked different – more warmly, lovingly… A Christian change!

{mosimage}Each lesson was directed to training in regular reading of the Bible and scripture memorization, and during our class time we discussed such vital topics as “Isn’t it boring to believe,” “What will people think” (for beginners) and “How to know your spiritual gift” and “How to be effectively engaged in the ministry” for more mature Christians.

I would like to tell about one guy, Vanya with a nickname Cook. When we first met him, he looked quite extraordinary: half of his hair was painted black, another half in white, 2 ear rings in his ear, a Mohawk on the T-short and an inscription: “All states are concentration camps.”

After evangelism he approached us and asked for permission to visit us in our home. We received him with pleasure. At tea he told us that he had wished to commit a suicide... He smoked cigarettes and grass, swallowed light drugs and drank, drank, drank.... This was the sense of his life, when he woke up with an idea: where to get money for drugs? If it was possible to find, he would consider the day successful, if not, he would wash down the failure with another bottle of vodka... All this did not make him happy, and he wallowed in Satan’s deceit more and more – in the deceit titled “You will never be able to quit.” All his life was like a line from a song of his favorite rock group: “Marihuana will give you paradise, but the soul dealer will come and demand a payment for it.”

And here he heard OTHER songs. A melody was born in his heart, a melody he had never known of before. And he picked up this song, the song of God’s love...

Vanya: “If someone had told me before that my life would all change, I would not have believed! And now it is happening to me! Praise God!”

{mosimage}And God set him free! From the moment of repentance until now, Vanya does not take any cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol. Just as zealously as he used to serve Satan, now he wishes to serve the One who destroyed all devil’s lie in his life. In summer Vanya was baptized and now serves as an evangelist.

Also, with joint efforts of the church, we repaired the church building. The church occupies half of the building which was once given by one sister for church gatherings. It had never been repaired… One would not dare invite someone to this place. Old wall-papers. Holey windows. An old luster which hardly gives any light to the facility. A rough ceiling.

Together we built up an extension, expanded the meeting room, replaced doors and windows, pasted smooth tile on the ceiling, equipped the facility with modern fixtures, changed old pews for new soft seats. A lot of things were done by us personally for the first time, and it was God’s blessing that all turned out to look beautiful and proper!

All in all, we stayed in Khlevnoye 10 months. We did all we could. The church increased twice! New people came and those who had left before returned. There was a leader. We left someone after ourselves who can lead people further. Our service there was completed and we returned to Ukraine.

Live real

The homecoming coincided with the birth of our baby Matthew on November 26, 2008… We settled down quite well. Zhenya got a job. We don’t have to rent a house.

Yet… Our hearts were not created to live just like that. They still throb with a “missionary”… They respond to the pain of the people who never had the right of the most important choice in life.

Even before Russia we realized that God was using us. But how He did it in Russia!.. It seemed to us that we did not really live at home, we did not know what a normal Christian life and normal Christian service was... In actual fact it is a battle. And if you do not feel daily that you are on the front line, if the wounds caused by the enemy don’t hurt, if everything in your life is not like at war but like on a resort – is time to ask the heavenly Daddy whether what I am engaged in is meant to ME? Or maybe it is necessary to change the course?

And so we asked.  :)

“Papua… what?..”

{mosimage}And received a clear answer: Papua-New Guinea.

- No, God. It must something different. Who? - Us?! No-o-o… You probably wanted to say “Russia”, or “Asia”, in the least? This is not for us. New…what… Guinea? Oh, then let Americans go there!

- New Guinea.

- Well, Lord, joking apart. We have no money! We will never be able to collect SUCH sum! The airfare has gone up! We have no training! We don’t know the language! What if they eat us? And God, You know, they have snakes!..”

- New Guinea.

- God, Are You.... serious?.. Who are we? We won’t be able… We need a MIRACLE to go there!”

{mosimage}- New Guinea. And… be ready for miracle!

Let’s go with us!

{mosimage}We invite you to join us. May our goals:

•    To learn the local language and culture

•    Following this, to translate the New Testament into the tribal language

•    Conduct Bible lessons

•    Organize a church among locals

•    Enable it to send missionaries

•    Fight the illiteracy -

be your goals.

{mosimage}Don’t worry, we don’t say that you are going to fly Vienna-Hong Kong-Port Moresby right away (the only route to get there). For this purpose, there are different members in the church (1 Cor. 12).

Even if you body remains at home, your prayer will accompany us!

Remember: to fulfill our dream and the calling from God, we need a miracle! So many adversaries are standing on our way! Without your prayer, we won’t pull out …

Send you email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to our address, and every month you will be getting a letter from us which will tell you of how much your prayer has accomplished!

{mosimage}{mosimage}Also, financial support remains a very important for us. The mission we cooperate with does not finance a single missionary, thus we are fully responsible for our support.

Before going to Papua New Guinea, we need to take a training course in a special mission center in the USA. When one goes to a completely different world, lack of knowledge can cost life…

Every semester will cost us both 4,000$. There are 4 semesters. Plus food 500$ a month. Plus the airfare… As you see, it’s a huge sum. We have some money, but we need…  approximately 10 times more.

10$ a month is: 

- Saved people that will approach you in heaven, so black, curly and happy, and say, “Thank you! Because of you, I am here now and not in the hell.”

Even 1 dollar given with love can work miracles…

Pray for us, and we pray that you don’t remain indifferent and plant a tiny curly head in your heart…

You can find information on the Konstantinik missionary family from the AUC ECB evangelism department leader Stanislav Gruntkovsky (ph. 8(067)3926267).

Published on 05.05.2009

Translated by Anna Sedova

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