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Club “Future of Ukraine”: 7 years in Kiev region

After the opening, seminars “How to be a servant leader” and “Sports and drama ministry in clubs” began.

Speakers shared new ideas on how use different methods in reaching children and teenagers with the gospel in simple and effective ways, using sports and drama and how hard yet important to always be a leader for kids and teens.

Following the seminars, there was time for fellowship and games. Children’s ministry leaders were likened to children, displaying their talents in competitions and mutual fellowship.

An important moment of the conference was lecture by the “Rock” club minister Alexander Dubinin. The two hours of lecture “How to reach teenagers and discipline them” flew by as 5 minutes. All was been written down, but most important, new ideas came which can be applied into ministry even now. These were no abstracts which will fill up the archives of house libraries, and real things that are possible and necessary to put to use today.{mosimage}

Fellowship break - and back to sessions, but this time lecturers were directors of the best clubs of the Kiev area. Rewards in different nominations, information on clubs, stories of ministries in clubs, prizes and gifts for fruitful work and prayers for clubs which experience problems.

Then the fellowship and exchange of experience in children’s work proceeded.

Directors found new friends, communicated and learned about new methods in other clubs.

At the end of the conference, there was an appeal for one club to pray for another, for its needs in the new club year. Tears of joy from the meeting and tight embraces were a good result that the conference was productive. We trust that it has encouraged and will inspire for further service in “Future” clubs.

Victor Mihailuk,

Coordinator of “Future” clubs in Kiev and region


translated by Anna Sedova

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