Всеукраинский Союз Церквей Евангельских Христиан-Баптистов

Всеукраинский Союз объединений евангельских христиан-баптистов сегодня – наибольшее сообщество баптистов в Украине. В его состав по состоянию на 1 января 2009 г. входит более 2800 церквей и групп, которые объединяют около 131 тысячи верующих, сознательно и последовательно исповедующих и практикующих свою веру. Вообще же богослужения в церквах ВСЦ ЕХБ посещают около 300 тысяч человек.

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Structure of the Union

The AUA ECB is formed by 25 regional associations of the ECB churches, headed by the elected senior pastors. Apart from churches in Ukraine, there are five Baptist church associations which are part of the Union. They are Ukrainian diaspora in the USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Paraguay and Portugal.

The main leadership body of the AUA ECB is the Congress of the church representatives, which meets once in 4 years. The Congress approves the Statute regulations and the main directions of the development of church ministry of the AUA ECB, elects President and Vice-Presidents.

President, Vice-Presidents and Executive Secretary constitute Executive Committee.

In the period between the Congresses, all responsibility for the Union’s activity lays on the Council of the Union. It gathers four times a year. It includes members of the Executive Committee, regional pastors and other responsible ministers, according to the Statute. The Council of the Union works out the strategy of the development of the Union and carries responsibility for the spiritual state of the churches at Associations, confirms the Executive Secretary of the Union, leaders of departments, budget, confirms the working commissions at the Council of the Union, promotes coordination and the development of the Associations’ ministry, together with solving disputable matters at churches.

President of the Union - Vyacheslav Nesteruk, Vice-Presidents Vladimir Shemchyshyn, Nikolai Kasprov, Stepan Kornuta; Executive Secretary Valery Antonuk.

At the Council of the AUA ECB, there also work Spiritual Advisory and Creative Boards. Spiritual Advisory Board is formed by most experienced and respected ministers with the aim of counseling the ministers, helping churches in solving difficult problems, supporting prayer ministry, defending churches from false teachings. Creative Board is advisory body which works out propositions as to strategic development of the AUA ECB churches.

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