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Children’s department

Children are the future of our country, our churches, our families. This is why teaching and upbringing of children in the spirit of the Lord is great responsibility and, at the same time, the source of great joy. Children must understand their place in this world and the place of God in their lives.  

During the last 15 years, we have had the opportunity to freely preach the Word of God to children. At churches, there legally work Sunday schools, kindergartens, day care and even classes for parents. Generally in Ukraine there work over 1,500 Sunday schools with 70, 000 children, nearly 4, 000 qualified Sunday school workers. In Ukraine, there is one united program for teaching and upbringing cycle, which is formed by:            

 ·                                  t e a c h i n g  children Bible lessons at Sunday schools. For this,  the national program “Kluch” (“Key”) is widely used;

·                                 u p b r i n g i n g  children on the grounds of Christian moral as integral part of teaching process;

·                                 e v a n g e l i s m s directed to meeting and communication with children, and also their meeting Christ.  For this purpose, their work “AWANA” and “The Future of Ukraine” clubs, children’s correspondence course ‘Pen Pal”, “Hello, Friend” program, Christian Puppet Theatre;                                   

·                                 о r g а n і z а t і o n s  of children’s recreation: children’s clubs, summer recreation camps, various trips and excursions.                                   

 This program is one and undivided, since the Sunday school teacher is at the same time educator, leader and organizer. Тhis is why the task of the Children’s department is many-sided and diverse. It includes:

·                                 Holding local, regional and all-Ukrainian conferences, seminars, courses for Sunday school teachers, holding special exhibitions for the equipment of Sunday schools;

·                                 Publishing spiritual literature directed to children, methodological literature and visual aids;

·                                 Assistance in organizing children’s church choirs, orchestras, circles for development children’s creative work. 

Nadia Kupriyonok

Leader of the Children’s department at the AUA ECB, 

tel. 8 (067) 745-21-44, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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