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The Summary of the Children ministry Department / Nadia Kupriyonok

The report of the head of Children Ministry Department of Ukrainian Baptist Union Jesus Christ has commanded us – “Go and make Disciples…” I am on charge of ministering to the youngest but to those with the numeral superiority, since the amount of children in Ukrainian Baptist Union reaches - 73 408.  The amount of those who are caring, teaching, purchasing and fostering kids is - 5 004. We believe that through our supervision we are fulfilling the Great Commission (Math. 28-19). The ministering to kids has overstepped the limits of Sunday school long ago.  We are glad to present you the following summary of the Children Ministry: 

  1. We are planning on launching special committees for the different kids ministries (camping, clubs, public schools, orphanages, ministering to the disable)
  2. The Sunday School Graduation experience contemporizes with the one in public school. The age of Sunday school graduates will be 18, not 12 – as it used to be earlier. The previous practice proved to be unsuccessful and short-sighted, since we limited ourselves in reaching out the children who finished Sunday school at 12. now we are working out suitable program for the teens.
  3. We are planning on launching Offering ministry in Sunday school classes. We believe children will get used to this practice, and very soon our churches will reach their self-financing status.
  4. Every Sunday School teacher in order to qualify for this position will have to get special training course. Nowadays testifies that simple reciting Bible verses falls short from what children need at classes. Teachers have to be able to train kids not just teach them, which makes drastic difference.
  5. The dates like – March, 1; June, 1; September, 1; December, 1 – will be Ukrainian Prayer Days, for people all over Ukraine lift up the kids ministries.
  6. To include Children Ministry item in the Ukrainian Baptist Union budget.
  7. Spiritual maturity and proficiency are compulsory requirements for Sunday school teachers.   
  8. To get involved brothers into Kids Ministry, especially for the work with older children. Sunday school as well as other ministries for kids – are not women’s realm. Somebody whose heart is for preaching, can start his preaching right here in Sunday school! If you can capture kids’ attention, you will be your best at the pulpit.
  9. August, 21-23, 2007 – The first Congress for SC teachers.
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