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Meeting with orphanage graduates

It's been 15 years since we, then a few Christians from the Central Baptist Church of Kyiv, first visited children at Kyiv orphanage # 21. After some time, we had an opportunity to conduct our first "Little Lamb” summer camp with them. Then we had camps with children from orphanage #12...The Lord expanded the boundaries of this ministry and over these years we have had nearly 50 Christian camps for orphans in different regions of Ukraine.

Time flies, children grow up, but thanks God, they remember us, visit, call, write letters and invite for the wedding. We are sincerely happy to see them in our churches. Along with that, we wanted to gather some former graduates who live in Kiev. This is how the idea of organizing a meeting for those who live in Kiev emerged. We would like them to see each other, remember the past school years, camps, leaders, but foremost, to hear about God once again. We prayed, prepared and finally, on January 27th, this event took place in a beautifully decorated hall of the Central Baptist Church.

{mosimage}{mosimage}{mosimage}Imagine the diverse company of 150 persons: students and co-workers of our first camps, Christians and "advanced" modern youth, young mothers with their children. All were happy to see each other, some even hadn't met for years. It was also very noisy in the hall but it became quiet in an instant when the preacher Stanislav Gruntkovsky invited all to pray at the beginning of the meeting.

...The violinists’ ensemble played. It was something special. The music filled the hearts with peace and reverence. The event took place in domestic warm atmosphere. There were memories heard and slide shows of the pictures taken back in camps years ago, funny contests for married couples, games for the youngest ones and the Bible quiz.

The testimony of Victor Lodzinsky was interesting as well. Most of graduates knew him from school, that is why his words about how God changed his life sounded in a special way. Lilia Bilodub sang a psalm about trust in God. And those were not only lyrics but her life's testimony.

We remembered Sasha Chigireva who works in Africa as a missionary, and those who couldn't make it for different reasons.

{mosimage}{mosimage}The culmination of the evening was the preaching by Stanislav. It was evident that the Word of God touched the hearts of the listeners. At the end, singer Igor Melnichuk sang. He, together with his family, wife Miroslava and four sons, sang a few songs for us. This was very beautiful. He sang about how dearly God loves us and how, through our life experiences, He carries us in His hands as a Good Father.

Everyone was touched. And when we saw tears in the eyes of people, all difficulties, exhaustion concerning the preparation were forgotten. It was wonderful to see the Lord's action and to be His co-worker. This joy exceeds all efforts spent!

We want to thank the Central Baptist Church of Kyiv for the hall given, the violinists’ ensemble, Tatiana Sakhno (MC), preacher S. Gruntkovsky, I. Melnichuk and his family, Victoria Vozna, sound technician, photographers, Sunday school graduates and to all brothers and sisters who helped organizationally and financially. Special thanks to those who supported us in prayers. We apologize to those we couldn't get in touch with by phone to invite them. Maybe it's worth dreaming about the next meeting...

Co-workers of All-Ukrainian Community Charitable Fund  “Strumok”

Translated by Natalia Lucus and Anna Sedova

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