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"It is your fault that we die" /Testimony on death

This is a true letter not just work of journalist. and though it's been more than a year since it was published in "Christian magazine," it is worth spreading, according to the author's wish. It is worth for Christians, unbelievers,"freedom" law enforcement officers  (to be precise, those in handcuffs).

Published abridged. Words in squire parentheses are considered  to be a substitution of expressive ways of saying with synonyms.

«Dear editorial staff: I write to you in hope in this way to save someone's life. I am asking to publish my letter. I really need it to be read  by seniors, especially  those who are in power to change  something in this  world. It also addressed to the youth. I wish them not to repeat someone's else mistakes.

I'm 18 years old. My name is Olga. I have HIV for two years... I want to ask all adults, especially those who have power: why did you, adults "throw under the tank" us, your children? Why did you confuse us with sex, pornography, drugs? You are guilty in our deaths! You preach "free relationship," poster artists who are homosexuals. You convince us that everybody lives like that! And we are dying now! We are never going to experience love, never have family, kids...We are still alive but we are already gone. We were deprived of childhood, it was taken away by anger, hopelessness, fear, jealousy, powerless. And you have lived to be 60,70 and even more, and we are going to die being young! Why? What for?

{mosimage}Why haven't you taught us understand such  words as "love," "shame", "morality'', ''virginity"? Four of my friends, yesterday's school kids, have already died. We are already burring each other! What for did you tie  us to "safe sex'? We would better plough the soil, drive tractors  than dying from HIV. You put a lot of afford to spoil us broadcasting through all mass media about "it" and "modern'' way of life. You taught us at school, with the open eyes how to do "it" civilized, persuaded "to relax," to throw aside "untrue shame, ''produced movies, brochures and nobody would judge you for that. You haven't killed nobody with your own hands. Such violators now are being praised, elected to power. And you still continue to do it with younger kids, younger than us. Shall you stop it!

You can't imagine my gratitude to those who could pull the cigarette out of my mouth and spanked me with stinging-nettle, when I still could be saved from "under the tank''!

Help to stop madness. We have to introduce censorship to all mass media, to prohibit different shows that promote pornography, alcohol, and cigarette advertising. And you, who will read this letter, forward it to someone else. Maybe it will  help, because we all are dying. And you too!


Ust'-Izhora village, St. Petersburg, Russia»

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translated by Natalia Lucus



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