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When I am a dad myself, I began to better understand God as Our Father

{mosimage}Parents and children! This is an up-to date issue for all the times. And you can’t say right a way for whom the life is more complicated. Children will insist that life is not easy for them, and adults will say the opposite. And let’s agree that everyone is right. But I would like to share with you what I have experienced when I became a dad myself.

It’s a very interesting feeling. It doesn’t come to you just at once. And to every person it comes at different time. For some people it comes right at the moment when they hear about a future event, for many people it comes when their baby comes into this world. But personally I think that it comes later. And how much later? … I think it depends upon the individual peculiarities. Sleepless nights, pampers, bathing…

But becoming a dad it doesn’t only mean the change your usual daily routine and a chronic lack of sleep. First of all, it means a change in your consciousness. Understanding the whole responsibility which you carry not only for yourself and your wife, but also for your helpless child that just arrived into this world… This can really shock you. I think every dad feels like this and in moments like that you just want to be alone and to get used to your new role in life. And while these moments it is very important to know that you can do it. You get this understanding only through realizing that God is in control of everything, so everything will be good. He will give you strength, patience, ability to understand the needs of your wife and your baby.

Our little Maria is 20 months old. I can’t say that I have a lot of experience, though I have got some of it. During this period, we’ve experienced a lot of different moments: pleasant and unpleasant, joyful and sad, adventures and boring… As a family, we traveled a lot and visited many cities and also went to the seaside with Mashen’ka. And day by day I understand more and more what it means to be a father. To tell the truth, we don’t always have the same opinion on upbringing issues, but God settles down everything and gives us one decision. And I am very thankful to my wife Ira that she is always humble and patient.

I can say that I now better understand and perceive a little differently a phrase “Lord is Our Father”. I have only one child and I know that it’s not easy. And if we think that we are all God’s children! What children are we? Do we do everything possible for our Heavenly Father to be pleased with us and to rejoice with his children? I suggest every parent to think about this, and I’m sure – it can help to solve many problems that we have with our own children.

Igor Burakov,

Dnepropetrovsk ECB church


Sent by Svetlana Iotko.


translated by Oksana Nadelina


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