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Book presentation became general education event

The presentation was organized by the Opened Doors International Charitable Fund (president Stanislav Volosuk, Ukraine) in cooperation with the Department of Religious Affairs of Chernigiv region. It took place at the Center of Preparation and Qualification Promotion of state government workers.

{mosimage}Using the opportunity, brother Sannikov met the students of History and Religion Department of Chernigiv Teacher's Institute before the presentation. He had 2 academic hours but when it was time to dismiss, the dean asked the speaker to continue answering the students’ questions. The students were interested in historical, theological and apologetic questions. When answering, V. Sannikov also told about the principles of Christianity, basically disclosing the Gospel of Christ.

We wish that the experience of such meetings with V. Sannikov and other brothers of our Union who have issues to address the society could take place in other regions of Ukraine as well.

                                                                                  Stanislav Volosuk

Photo by author

Translated by Natalia Lucus and Anna Sedova


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