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First Congress in the history of the AUC ECB for Children’s ministers (May, 24 2008. Kiev)

Nadia Kuprijonok, Coordinator of Ministry for children in Ukraine, gave some of the most striking example by means of some statistic information. There are 1801 Sunday Schools in Ukraine today, with about 65,000 children, 45% of those are non-believers. Another successful and active ministry is summer camps for children. There are 398 “Future of Ukraine” children’s clubs, that 11,000 kids attend and also 280 “AVANA” Sport clubs that 6000 kids attend. All of the leaders of Children’s Ministry are formed in local teams that consist of 5000 Sunday School Teachers, 1600 “Future of Ukraine” club’s leaders and also 4453 “AVANA” leaders.

{mosimage}There were some guests from abroad invited to the Congress. One of those guests was Arlyn Vander Loon from USA. She has been helping to develop children’s ministry in Ukraine since 1992. She called that we are to fight for each dear soul of every child, be dedicated and faithful, no matter what problems and difficulties we can face, because children’s ministry has the most high goal – to make little souls part of God’s heritage. It is for this is that Jesus Christ called us.

After that Victor Kulbich introduced Jeene Razin, an Executive Director of “Children around the world” Organization. With the help of this organization there were 107 playgrounds built in Ukraine, where about 18,000 children were able to hear about God and where 14,000 Bibles were distributed.

{mosimage}A touching moment of the Congress was when Grigory Komendant, the President of the Ukrainian Biblical Association, invited to the stage those Sunday School teachers who have been serving children for more then thirty years. He also mentioned that in the case of children's ministry, there are mostly sisters {mosimage}who serve: among 34 veterans there was only one man…Grigory Komendant said that only because of God’s mercy our children were able to hear the Word of God freely. This is truly God’s miracle. But these people have been serving God not only today, but during the times of prohibition and persecution.  Flowers and special gifts were given to all the veteran teachers.

{mosimage}A special blessing of the Congress, “The Wreath of Celebration” was the performed by children from all over Ukraine: Lutsk, Chernovtsy, Vinnitsa, Chernigov, Kharkov, Donetsk, and Odessa. They were singing and reciting poems. Small evangelical performances were played by theatrical groups from Khmelnitsky, Kherson and Sevastopol (Crimea).

{mosimage}{mosimage}{mosimage}There are many good responses from this Congress. In the future, there are plans to have local meetings for those who were not able to come and attend this event.


Olga Solovyova,

Student of Department of Journalism at Kiev Christian University{mosimage}


Notes From The First Congress of Children’s Ministries

{mosimage}Since old times our people have had a custom to begin all important events and businesses with praying and the teaching of our fathers. Without their fathers blessing, children didn’t leave the home, bridegrooms and brides didn’t step on the wedding rushnyk, and families even didn’t begin eating lunch.

So, Vyacheslav Vasyljovych Nesteruk, the leader of our big family, opened the First Ukrainian Congress of the Children’s ministries by praying and giving blessings to those present. “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it”, reads the Bible regarding the importance of the biblical instructions for children (Proverbs 22:6). There were people who long ago began to seed God’s word on the field of children’s ministries. Today, we continue to cultivate those seeds and wait for fruit.

{mosimage}A tireless seeder of many evangelical fields, including the children’s one, the person who has been fighting for the souls of young people in God’s name, the one who preserved his dedication to children and the energy of youth, who the director of the Ukrainian Christian Cooperation Center and finally the leader of the Congress organization committee,  is Victor Kulbych. He stressed that our blessings depend on the Lord. That’s why we should put eternal thoughts in the minds and hearts of our children.

{mosimage}If I wrote the book “One thousand Ukrainian Celebrities,” I would for sure mention Nadia Kupriyonok, the leader of the Children’s Department of AUC ECB, the person who dedicated her Christian life to children and young people, and who has also been the leader of this ministry for already 16 years.  She is also the one who was completely concentrated on the development of the children’s ministry in Ukraine. She addressed each minister personally by saying: “You are a special worker of God, you are chosen from thousands to show children the way which leads to the new Jerusalem”.

Watching Svetlana Zadojan's video was an exciting event for all who were present at the Congress.

In the children’s ministry, as well as in other kinds of ministries, everybody performs his own part of the job. Someone creates programs, someone else uses them in the ministry, another one works on campuses or Sunday schools, someone else supports the ministry financially, another one supports it by praying, and someone else develops leaders for the children’s ministries. Together, we are serving God by the cultivation of the tree of the children’s ministries. The person who gave her heart to the children’s ministry, and who has been supporting it for 16 years, was the coordinator of the children’s ministries in the USA sister Arlene Wanderloon.

{mosimage}{mosimage}There is a wonderful phrase in the Bible: “You will harvest what you sow.” The one who is sowing good and joyfulness will receive eternal life and rewards in heaven. The representative of the “Samaritan’s Purse” mission, Hans Managren, is one of those who has love and demonstrates self-sacrifice, and who has an opened heart and hand, especially for Ukrainian children.

The hero who left his country and came to us because he had Ukrainian children on his mind and heart, also a representative of Child Evangelism Fellowship and has a Doctorate of Theology is Cheslav Bassara.  He said: “We were created for victory, because God gave us the Spirit of strength and love, not fear. That’s why we are strong and invincible in Jesus.”

Gim Rozene, the representative of the “Children All Over the World” mission, is the person who knows almost everything about children on this earth. He accomplished a lot in the area of children’s ministry and spread Good news among the children in our country.

The important part of the meeting was the joint praying of all present pastors for the blessing of children’s ministers in all Baptist churches in Ukraine.

{mosimage}  Оlgа Коvаlеnkо, student of Department of Journalism of KCU 


Photo: Sergey Kozhevnikov, Victor Kulbich, Nadia Kupriyonok


translated By Gala Hampton



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