2008 year

For this year, AUC ECB has planned 6 large events of the all-Ukraine scale

1.  March 27-29 – First pastors conference of a two year program of pastors conferences with general topic “Effective church”

Topics: “Church is effective when it has biblical principles,” “Church is effective when it has a strong team of ministers,” meeting of pastors with youth leaders, topic “Unity of generations”.


2. October 16-18, the Second pastors conference “Effective church” Topics: “Church is effective when it lives by evangelism,” “Church is effective when it has effective structures.”

3. October 18 (within the framework of the Second pastors conference “Effective church”) –pastors’ meeting with 500 evangelists of the Brotherhood with Victor Hamm, topic “2009 as the Year of Evangelism”

4.   May 24 -Congress of the AUC ECB children ministers


5.  July-August - evangelism “Project-125”

What is “Project-125”?

6.  August 18-23 – Youth Congress of the Eurasian Federation of ECB unions

On Youth Congress of the ЕАF ЕCB

Translated by Natalia Kovalska
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