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2 Conferences of “The Future of Ukraine” Took Place

Sergei Turkach, the regional senior pastor, said the word of admonishment.

Professor of the Tavria Christian Institute Tatiana Ryazantseva told very accessibly and simply told about the personality of a teacher.

Club directors of “The Future of Ukraine” and their assistants shared their secrets in hobby-classes and summer camp trainings. Also many video materials were shown. {mosimage}

In Mukachevo, there took place a conference for children ministry workers in Transcarpathian reagion.

There were 50 attendees, leaders of “Future” clubs and Sunday school teachers of the region. Vera Brizhak and Vassily Demyanchuk were the organizers of this meeting. “He gave us ability to be ministers of the new covenant!” was the theme of the conference. The same words of greeting and encouragement were spoken by the regional pastor Ivan Kondor. Brother Ivan Ivanovich preached on how changing the world among us is and how the tricks have changed to which ministers can bait if they stop ministering. But our strength remains in our faithfulness to the Lord and His call. For faithfulness of only one person can change the history of the whole country.

Guests of the conference: Yuri Nikolayevich Kipot, director of “Club of the Future” and Yevgeny Shuvalov, coordinator in Zaporozhye region, with an assistant.

Guests from Zaporozhye shared their programs, both completed and planned, and answered questions. It is always interesting and important to share experience (Pr. 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”)

At both conferences, participants, with big gratitude to God for the wonderful blessing of their ministry in “Future of Ukraine” clubs, prayed for revival of our country, for strength for the ministry and faithfulness of every Christian.

 Olena Volkova

Translated by Anna Sedova

Translated by Anna Sedova

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