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Waiting for the Christmas Miracle

What blessings will he bring? Will I be a good mother? How will my appearance change? How much will I have to buy? What place will he occupy in the family? How will it influence my relationships with God, husband and other people? How will his birth influence my work and ministry? Is our apartment spacious and cosy enough? Will we be able to raise him and give him good education?..

And Mary – what did she feel? Agitation? Fear? Doubts? Joy? Trembling? Love?.. In any case, this was not a cloudless happiness. How could she live over all this? How many hardships, depravations she had… She knew that she was carrying the Son of God under her heart – and endless hope for God’s promise helped to overcome all obstacles, gave her strength and assurance throughout the whole 9 months. For inside of her, a new life was throbbing, a testimony of boundless love of God to humanity. It is hard to imagine how exited and worried Mary was all 9 months…yet the Lord was with her, He was her comfort and strength.

Probably she couldn’t wait to see the great moment when she could hold her baby in her arms, to press his tiny and defenceless body to the breast, to caress, talk to him, see his first smile in response to her own…

Mary had to move from one place to another, saving the life of her son. And she moved not in a comfortable car, but on a donkey, and lived not in a hotel suite but in the open air, and have a baby not in the best maternity home of the town, but in the shed, in loneliness…no professional doctors and midwifes, only the support of faithful Joseph...  Yet, despite hardships, Mary’s heart was filled with great joy and triumph – she had had the Messiah!

{mosimage}”Don’t fear, for I am with you,” says God even today. And really, He is always with me. I felt it during the long months of “expecting the miracle.” Misha’s birth became a real blessing and a great joy for Slavik and me and all relatives. With his tiny legs, he entered our life, changing it cardinally, filling it with meaning and cares. An immense, earlier unknown to me the feeling of parent love has woken up in heart and poured down a wonderful song up. Really, a baby is a gift of God! A new little human being came to our house, and though he is still very small, he already has his own inner world which reflects the way he was created by the Lord. To be a guardian of a new life during several months is a real miracle, but the birth of this new life is a greater miracle.

Every time a baby is born, a start of hope is lit in the world. The brightest star emerged in the sky on that wonderful night when the baby named Jesus was born. So may the miracle of Christmas always remain in your heart, and the star of hope light your path!

Svetlana Iotko

December, 2008

Published onо 17.12.08

Translated by Anna Sedova

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